Welcome to Henley & Bayeux

Henley and Bayeux Ltd is a family run business that commenced in April 2013. We are a bespoke brokerage that work with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated advisors that offer a “holistic financial review”.

We work with a panel of experienced Independent Financial Advisors (IFA’s) that are located in London and the Home Counties where the majority of our client’s reside. Our target market is primarily individuals who are between the ages of forty to sixty and who would like to understand more about their financial situation.

Henley and Bayeux introduces prospects to FCA companies wishing to have a financial review. Our focus is to assist and educate individuals about the review process. As an approved and trusted introducer we have the authority to refer clients to a regulated firm for general advice. We do not sell investments and only act as a reliable introducer between the client and the regulated companies.

Our Mission – To educate, inform and inspire individuals to have a greater understanding of their financial position with the assistance of a regulated company.

Our Principal asset at Henley and Bayeux is the quality of people that work for the company. We have a vast array of experience within the team. Each consultant has been a Director or owned their own business previously.

We pride ourselves on providing a personalised unique service with a single point of contact. As a boutique company we pride ourselves on building trust and empathy with all clients. The office is open between 8.30am – 7pm Monday to Friday with the option of speaking with your account manager outside business hours if required.

Henley and Bayeux uses the latest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems with recorded telephone lines for training and compliance purposes. In a generation dominated by social media and emails, we consider it essential that we take the time to speak to clients, either on the phone or conducting a face to face meeting at the client requests.

A Financial review process – The process is free of charge and without obligation. The process involves a “fact find”, attitude to risk profile, culminating with a suitability report and advisor recommendations. Henley and Bayeux Ltd are not involved in this process and are not privy to any of the sensitive information contained within the review.

Benefits of a financial review – The review gives clients a greater understanding of their financial position and their options moving forward.

In summary Henley and Bayeux Ltd acts as the bridge between individuals and the Financial Review Process that may assist In a more robust strategic financial plan that meets the needs, aspirations and goals of the individual.